Spafbi's Miscreated Ranking System

Both Spafbi's Sneaky Old Bastards and Spafbi's Castles are now using Spafbi's Miscreated Ranking System! The ranking system is a points-based system rewarding players with bragging rights for time spent on the server and for getting kills. Ranks are based on US Army ranks; a player's rank is prepended to their in-game names in join, leave, and death messages. Ranks are also displayed on the player ranks status pages (Spafbi's Sneaky Old Bastards & Spafbi's Castles). When a player has accumulated enough points for advancing to the next rank, the promotion is broadcast in game as it happens!

You may be asking yourself "So how do I earn points?" Well, that's an easy question to answer! Each minute played will earn you points towards rank advancement. Additionally, you are awarded points for PVP and AI kills. Finally bonuses are awarded for using certain weapon types, headshots, and even killing DirtyMcGirt, i-Spoo, or Spafbi.

Mutant, wildlife, and livestock kills earn varying amounts of points. From most to least points, these are the PvE kills for which you are awarded points: Human spiders, brute mutants, bears, two-headed dogs, spiker mutants, naked mutants, clothed mutants, wolves, deer, pigs, and roosters.

Bonuses! On top of points earned from the initial kill, earn bonuses for the following (from highest bonus to least):
So hop on in, give the ranking system a try, and try to be the first to become General of the Army!